Is your body crying out for some TLC?

Is stress giving you headaches, muscle tension, and difficulty sleeping?

You are not alone. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), stress is the ‘health epidemic of the 21st century’ and a primary factor in the development of many physical and psychological diseases.

While working as a beauty therapist in the early 2000’s, I regularly heard my clients lament about persistent aches and pains that were negatively affecting their quality of life. I soon found myself avidly researching how I could bring them relief.

During this time I also turned the same caring attention towards my own body. I discovered that my many years working in high-pressure positions, a lack of sleep, stress and restlessness, and following a poor diet and exercise regime, had all taken a huge toll on my body! My research brought up the health benefits of essential oils and I found that by adding a few new routines to my self-care regime, I could significantly lower my stress levels and increase my wellbeing.

I started using essential oils like lavender to soothe headaches and eucalyptus to ease muscle aches and pains, adding a few drops to a hot bath or massaging the oil into my skin while in the shower. Delighted by the results, I undertook a course of study in Aromatherapy Massage in 2009, eager to provide the same relief to my clients that I had experienced myself using essential oils.

Aromatherapy Massage Oils

The many benefits of using essential oils include:

 * An increase in energy levels

* Feeling calm and relaxed

 * Easing of muscle tension and pain

* Enhanced mobility

* A significant drop in the frequency of my     headaches

 * No more neck pain

For close to a decade, I provided relief for my client’s persistent pain by massaging essential oils into their backs, arms, hips, legs and feet.

On a regular visit to the Beauty Trade Show in 2018, I met a lady who had developed a specialised silicone cupping massage technique known as Bellabaci Cupping. She explained that cupping therapy originated from Traditional Eastern Medicine and while it relieved muscle pain it also revitalized the skin.

I had a light bulb moment. With this method I could treat my client’s chronic pain and inflammation while also delivering a beauty treatment, effectively combining my interests in beauty and skincare with aromatherapy and massage.

I soon discovered that cupping therapy has also been found to resolve hormonal imbalances. This struck a chord with me as my previous years of a poor lifestyle and self-care regime were beginning to manifest in menopausal symptoms that were significantly affecting my day-to-day functioning. I was experiencing:

 * Dramatically reduced energy levels

* My headaches were back

* Difficulty sleeping

* Puffy under-eye bags

Bellabaci Cupping Facial
Bellabaci Cupping Treatment

My hormones were effectively wreaking havoc on my life!  Eager to ease my symptoms, I started straight away using the Bellabaci cupping techniques and also tried their genie massage oil which is made up of essential oils.

Experiencing relief immediately, I undertook a course of study in the Bellabaci cupping massage technique.

Here are just some of the wonderful results the Bellabaci Cupping Therapy technique has produced for me and my clients:

* Easing muscular tension

* Reducing the frequency and severity of headaches

* Relief of sciatica

* Removal of unwanted toxins from the body

* Sleep improvement

* Lowering of stress levels

* Increases in the reproduction of collagen

* Reduction of unwanted belly fat

* Reduction in the appearance of cellulite

* Eradication of puffy, under-eye bags


You too can experience the Bellabaci cupping difference.

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* original author Lynette Sykes editing done by Alicia Gaffney.

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