Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

Aromatherapy Facial

Your essential oils will be carefully selected. Using the Aromatherapy Lymph Drainage  Facial Massage Technique – helps reduces stress, eases digestion, helps the bladder, increases blood flow and circulation favoring a more vibrant and even skin complexion.

Bellabaci Facial Cupping

Cupping is applied by gently guiding the cups along the skin using lubricated essential oils for a smooth surface

* Tightening skin

* Smoothing wrinkles

* Anti-aging

* Acne treatment

* Increases collagen reproduction

* Reduces puffy under eyes

* Removes Toxins

* Eases sinus congestion

Perfect Essentials Facial

* Pick me up facial

*Anti-aging Facial Treatment

Revitalise and Re-energise the skin reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

* Restores a more even skin tone and more youthful glow

* Facial Mask for 20mins

* Collagen serum treatment massage post mask

Aromatherapy Massage


$80 – Cupping

$80 – Aromatherapy

$90 – Perfect facial

Treatment Prices

Aromatherapy Massage

$85 – 1 hour

$45 – 30 minutes

Cupping Therapy

$100 – 1 hour

$55 – 30 minutes

Cellulite or Belly 

$55 – 30 minutes


$80 – Cupping

$80 – Aromatherapy

$90 – Perfect facial

Eyebrow/Eyelash Tinting

$25 – Eyebrow Tint

$35 – Eyelash Tint

Spray Tanning

$45 – Spray Tanning (mobile)


Gift Vouchers Available

Gift Vouchers

Treat a loved one or a friend to a relaxing Aromatherapy massage, a rejuvenating Bellabaci Cupping treatment or a revitalising Facial.