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Lynette Sykes Massage Therapist

Here are just some of the wonderful results the Bellabaci Cupping Therapy technique has produced for herself and for her clients:

Benefits of Cupping Therapy

* Easing of muscular tension

* Reducing frequency and severity of headaches * Relief of Sciatic pain * Removal of unwanted toxins from the body

* Lowered stress levels  * Sleep improvement * Increased reproduction of collagen, for smoother skin tone* Enhanced mobility * Reduction of unwanted belly fat * Reduction in the appearance of cellulite

* Eradication of puffy, under-eye bags * Relief from Sinusitis

* A sense of calm and relaxation

You too can experience the Bellabaci Cupping difference!

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Lynette’s Story

In 2007 while Lynette was operating a beauty salon in the Hills District she quickly realised the need to offer clients a holistic pain relief service.

She began working closely with a local Health Medical Centre in 2009 and in 2018 whilst on regular visits to beauty trade shows she looked for ways to improve the services offered to clients to enhance their sense of well-being.

It was here that she learned of a specialised silicone cupping massage technique known as “Bellabaci Cupping”.  Cupping therapy originated from traditional Eastern medicine. It relieves muscle pain but also revitalises the skin. Lynette enrolled in a course of study on the Bellabaci Cupping massage technique. She also incorporated essential oils as part of the treatments offered through her Salon.

Lynette appreciates that many years of working in high-pressure positions, can lead to the lack of sleep, stress and restlessness, along with a poor diet and exercise regime – can all take a huge toll on the body.

For over a decade now, she has provided relief for her clients suffering from persistent pain by using Myofascial release with a gentle flow of circulation to the area to provide nourishment and repair damaged cells and connective tissue.

Using scientifically formulated blends of essential oils for full body massage incorporate the cupping therapy to the massage to assist clients with persistent pain by following regular treatment plans.

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Mission Statement

“Beauty treatments to encourage healthy skin and enhance a sense of wellbeing!”


After making an online booking request your booking will be confirmed by text or email.

Consultation to be completed before any treatment is carried out regarding health, medical and lifestyle.

Assessing your concerns your therapist will explain your treatment plan.

Lynette, Aromae Massage Therapist

Bellabaci Cupping Certified 2018


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