Cupping is a complementary treatment to assist anyone who would like to manage any of the following conditions:

Pain, stiffness or tightness of the muscles in the back, shoulders, neck, hips, thigh and buttocks.

The treatment is not at all painful unlike other complementary treatments and is beneficial, proven to relieve muscular tension & inflammation around the joints working on the deeper stretching of the surrounding connective tissues (also known as) the fascia which can be very tight.

Cupping therapy is capable of breaking down the congestion, removing unwanted toxins which cause the muscular tension, enabling better mobility & reduces inflammation to ease muscular pain.

Cupping therapy


Why does cupping therapy leave marks and what do they mean?

Why are the marks left?

To explain this simply it is dead or stagnated blood that has been stored in the cells and connective tissues which is better to be brought to the skin’s surface to allow new cells and tissues to promote healthy cells and tissues. This is why the skin changes color.

The more frequent you have the area treated the less cupping marks will appear due to the healing release of stagnated blood in that particular area being treated in turn dismissing the myth that they are bruising the skin.

Unlike traditional mainstream cupping which is added to massages and acupuncture treatments, the Bellabaci Cupping Therapy does not use this traditional Chinese Medicine application. This is not how Aromae Massage Therapists use their cupping equipment.

So you can be assured to book a relaxing, painless, effective pain relief massage and not leave with marks. (If you choose not to ask the therapist to place a cup on an area for a few minutes)

Just the easing of pain through free-flowing movements use whereby the therapist is trained to use silicone cupping therapy and squeezes the cups to the desired pressure. However at times if you would like a cup to be stationed on a very painful area for a few minutes it is fine to allow this to happen and any marks will clear up 6-10 days…

FREE 10mins cupping for anyone suitable, a consultation would be appropriate as some people are (Contra-indicated) meaning not suitable either for Cupping or massage due to health issues?

Please mention all health conditions to your therapist during your Consultation. A Consultation form must be completed.

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Cupping therapy

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