Remove cellulite with Bellabaci Cupping

Bellabaci Cupping is unique in the sense the cups are designed to free flow across the body to remove unwanted toxins and restoring an alkaline ph.

You will be amazed at the results after 6 treatments to discover you will no longer have the orange peel thighs, legs and buttocks.

Have a beautiful treatment that includes leg and thigh massage at our lovely premises. Come in, relax and be immersed in the Aromae essential oils and Bellabaci coconut and essential oils, to be gently massaged into your skin then into your muscles soothing and relieving any muscular tension.

Today is perfect to reveal the new spring-summer body we all have been hiding away for months literally in our closets.

Let the cobwebs be swept away and get that new dress – why not include a spray tan in your treatment!

I’m looking forward to giving you an opportunity to try cupping for yourself. You can be trained by a Certified Bellabaci massage therapist to use the cupping massage techniques at home. Training will ensure the correct movements are learnt to maintain your new, lovely body.

Bellabaci genie oils must be applied generously to the areas being treated and ”cellulite be gone“.

Why not check out the photo then call to discuss any questions that may come to mind.

Lynette is a Certified Bellabaci Cupping Therapist since 2018


You too can experience the Bellabaci cupping difference.

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